Sleeping each day without making a day productive? What to do?

Each day I sleep with the guilt of not making my day productive but the next day I waste it again. I am getting depressed now. What should I do?

Whenever I feel less-productive and feel like wasting my time, I do this thing and believe me try it once in your life and surely it’ll gonna change your life and your perspective to see life. Okay, let’s start -

“Everybody faces this phase of life when they feel like doing nothing, you follow only one schedule i.e. Eat-sleep-repeat, log-in Facebook, switch to Instagram, switch to YouTube, switch to Quora, switch to twitter- feels like wasting your time closes all your apps. The watch goes like this — 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm,8:30 pm and OMG its 1′O clock. This shit keeps repeating until or unless you change that. Now how to change that -

  • Start with cleaning your room and move your butt from one place to another. Believe me, you’ll feel lighter and your life gonna look easier than before just by cleaning your room. (Tried and tested)
  • Wash all your laundry. Clean and tidy clothes make you look more confident and boost your self-confidence too.
  • Pack your bag and leave for hills or to explore a city — Most important part to make your life productive even doctor advise this to every patient to go for a vacation to relieve your stress and make your mind fresh. Plan a trip riding away from all the digital distraction and enjoying your own company in a blissful state. I tell you a psychological thing about a trip listen carefully- A trip makes your life more organizing and makes you count every moment you were wasting before. As before going on a trip, you organize your clothes in a bag, look for expenses, money management, travel management. This implies you use every single thing you’ve learned in your life while going for a trip and brain goes in active mode from sleepy and revive your power of decision making.
  • Now on the way you meet many people or observe you’ll feel like everybody is doing their work, everyone making something out of life. You see people from a different class, from different region and after seeing them you ask from yourself- “Avinash, what are you doing in your life? Have you decided on your goal yet? Everyone is giving something to entropy what you are doing? Here Avinash is YOU, my dear friend. Yeah, YOU!
  • Go and explore the world around, click the nature, spend time with yourself, press the refresh button of your life because you can’t reset it but you can refresh, count every breath you take, count every days you lived because ‘boss life bs ek hi milti hai,kese jeena hai ye tumhe decide karna hai’(Translation: YOLO)
  • Now say valediction to all stress and anxiety and come to your life-your work, feel that positive vibe you gained through this trip, feel that energy. Look everybody is smiling around you. See! it really works.
  • Now make a schedule, organize your life — make your life productive. Achieve your goals and hit the bull’s eye.
  • When in doubt again about your productivity, repeat.”

Always remember this “If you know what to achieve in life, life would be a lot easier for you”. It’s your story, you can change the ending and make it worth to read.


Translation: “Once upon a time, there was a hero. He worked hard, studied sincerely, did Engineering, started doing a job and ultimately after doing the job throughout his life, he died. What happened? You didn’t like the ending? Then change it. It is, after all, your own story.”

All the best :)

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