Open source software to track user feedback. What do you think about it?

LogChimp is an open source free self-host-able software for products makers to get feedback from their users and start building better version of your product.

A preview of product I'm trying to build, and the code is open source on GitHub.

LogChimp product development roadmap

NOTE: The product image you see above is a product roadmap.

With the goal set in mind, I was able to build the MVP (v0.1.0). Here's a gif of the working LogChimp app.

LogChimp MVP product overview

Hope that gif have pinged your interest. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Please give the LogChimp MVP a try on your local machine.

In case of any question you can drop them in comment section below or DM me on Discord ヤシュ ミッタル#1475.


Stay up to date on the development of LogChimp or reach out to the community with these helpful resources.

Thanks Yashu Mittal


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