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Yashu Mittal

Creating an open source software to collect user feedback

Creating an open source software to collect user feedback


There're many paid products providing the similar service but it comes at greater cost as they set their pricing based on the number of user they're tracking (a tracked user is anyone who posts, votes, or comments) and mostly their base price starts at $50 to $60 per month with limited number of users to track.

That's why...

πŸ”Ό LogChimp to rescue

I created an open source software for site admins to self-deploy the application and allow them to collect feedback from their users.

Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 3.27.50 PM.png Showing list of latests posts on LogChimp homepage

The source code of the application is open source on GitHub and contributions / feedback / suggestions are really appreciated.

πŸš•Test drive

The process of deploy the application is bit troublesome and I even need to write the documentation for the same.

You're most welcome to self-deploy the application and give it a test drive, please note, I have tried my best to not release any bugs in the initial release but if you find any, please do report back to us in our Discord server.

🚧 Development roadmap

I further working on adding upvotes to the post and roles based system.

πŸ’» Contributions

Every one is welcome to contribute to the project after all it's an open source project.

If you have any questions regarding How to contribute or setting up the development environment? You can shoot me a message on LogChimp discord server.


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