Auto log while making commit inside VS Code

I got an idea for auto logging when we make a commit inside VS Code using Visual Studio Source Control.

The webhook integration in MakerLog works in such a way that we have to create a webhook for every new repository, even though we can use the same webhook for multiple repositories, but that's not the point here.

The point is with the webhook integration we have to manually add that webhook to the GitHub or GitLab repository settings to make the integration work.

The way this feature will work is it will not reach out to the remote URL, instead it will use the VS Code Source Control to log the task.

Here's the link to an issue: #2 (consider adding your vote)

Possible settings:

  • Toggle this feature
  • Use the commit message as title


Q: What if there is a conflict with the GitHub and GitLab integrations, causing double posts. How would it combat this?

Ans: I don't have any specific way to deal with that problem right now. I will add the option in the settings where they can toggle this feature.

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